The Abolitionists

Abolitionist allies Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown, and Angelina Grimke turned a despised fringe movement against chattel slavery into a force that literally changed the nation.

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"Intense, gripping, and a must-see" - Washington Post

"So rich in well-staged reenactments that it is more docudrama than documentary...The Abolitionists is a reminder for our noisy, instant-news present that the great movements of history take decades to mature, and that presidents and other politicians are often among the last to board the bandwagon." - New York Times

"The Abolitionists is distinguished by skillful dramatizations of the lives and pronouncements of these historic figures. It's impossible to overstate the drama of such lives. Their embattled histories speak for themselves and, as this series shows so well, they do so with ferocious eloquence." - Wall Street Journal

"A moving and emotional portrait of those who fought to save America's soul. Anyone who has ponied up to see 'Lincoln' really needs to tune in..." - Los Angeles Times