February 2016

Murder of a President receives glowing reviews:

"Murder of a President, a particularly engrossing installment of the American Experience series, portrays Garfield as the John F. Kennedy of his century — a president who embodied a lot of hopes and potential that were never realized…The re-enactments used to help tell the tale are particularly evocative."

-New York Times, January 30, 2016

"Murder of a President generates considerable suspense out of its 134-year-old crime, while making a persuasive case for Garfield as an extraordinary, charismatic, fiercely intelligent man who might have been one of our greatest presidents if not for the mad act of "disappointed job seeker" (as he's long been described) and paranoid schizophrenic (as the program presumes) Charles Guiteau…The re-enactments are first-rate, and feature the wonderful Shuler Hensley as Garfield and Will Janowitz as Guiteau."

-Wall Street Journal, January 28, 2016

January 2016

Murder of a President scheduled to air on February 2 2016, as part of PBS's American Experience Series. 9PM on most PBS stations.

Check your local listings.

July 2015

The Poisoner's Handbook has been nominated for a 2015 Emmy - "Outstanding Science and Technology Programming."

December 2013

"The Abolitionists" has been nominated for a 2014 WGA Award.

January 2013

"The Abolitionists" has been nominated for a 2013 Emmy Award in the Best Non-Fiction Series category.